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Are Handouts Effective for Food and Drink PR and Marketing?

We have all been guilty of crossing the street or pretending to be on the phone so as not to get stopped by someone handing out fliers. Does this mean that creating handouts for your hospitality business is a complete waste of time? Here at VerriBerri, a creative design agency in Essex, our team think that it isn’t a waste of time at all. Our design team feel that you just need to get more creative in what you are handing out to the public.

When it comes to leaving the first impression on a potential customer, a handout such as a brochure or business card could tell that person a lot about your business. So pay attention to the details. In a digital world, for a prospect to physically hold something that is directly related to your business is a big deal, so make sure that the information is clear; well laid out and in line with your brand. You should also take note of the feel of the handout; if it is a business card, for example, even the quality of the card it is printed on should be considered.

A new way of thinking needs to be adopted when it comes to handing out promotional material. Although handing out fliers is humbling as a business owner, the truth is only a small percentage of people receiving the fliers are likely to keep them, let alone read them.

As a creative design agency in Essex, our design team have listed a few ideas of promotional handouts that the public is likely to keep.

  • Pens- By having your logo printed on to something practical like a pen, means the receiver will keep and use it, hopefully being reminded of your business daily.
  • Magnets- where do most magnets end up? On the fridge of course. Hand out magnets with your branding on them for a sure-fire way to get your promotional material into the prospects home.
  • Brochures- Create a high-quality brochure that looks and feels great. People are likely to keep hold of a brochure if they think some money has gone into making it. This also gives you a lot more space to deliver your description of services and brand message to the potential customer.

If you would like to know how VerriBerri creative design agency in Essex can help you create striking, bespoke handouts for your hospitality business, then contact our innovative team today on 01376 386850.

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