Bad Poetry Day – Subject Lines

Choosing the Perfect Subject line

With it being bad poetry day, we thought we’d give it a go, with the theme being the perfect subject line. Enjoy!

For a successful email you need a good subject line,
One that is catchy and interesting should be fine.
But there is plenty more you need to know,
Until you can be the best fo’ sho’!

People are sceptical so get to the point,
Keep under 50 characters, so you don’t disappoint!
Make the subject stand out, to give them a thrill,
Special characters and exclamation marks if you will.

Ensuring the subject line is personal is the key,jackberry
The recipient will think “wow this was intended for me!”
Don’t mislead with your subject and tell the truth,
It’s frustrating to find out an email is a spoof.

A good subject line can include numbers and a stat,
They will guarantee your open rate will not fall flat.
The final tip is to make it short and snappy,
More emails will be opened and that should make you happy.

You should now know how to make the best subject line,
If ever you forget then look back at this rhyme.

Emails are a great way to market your firm,
So start using them to see a fantastic return!



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