Samsung are an example of businesses recovering from setbacks

Business Recovery from Setbacks

Recovering from setbacks is part and parcel of owning a business. Every company faces peaks and troughs and unfortunately a factor that can negatively impact your business’ performance is only ever around the corner. Business hindrances can affect both small and large organisations, with large companies often facing much higher costs. However it is not so much how bad the setbacks are, but more so how your business recuperates, to return to business as usual.

Samsung’s Problems

Samsung exhibits the latest example that relates to business hiccups. Last year the technology company faced heavy criticism after various Note 7 devices suffered from battery explosions and were therefore hazardous to have inside the home. However, only this week Samsung have revealed that customers have pre-ordered the Note 8 more than any other Note it has sold to date, regardless of its hefty price tag. No doubt the question you are asking yourself is ‘Why are preorders so high?’ Well the answer to this also explains why recovering from business setbacks is essential and extreme lengths should be taken.

How did Samsung Recover?

When Note 7 owners experienced explosive devices (not in a good way!) naturally they complained to Samsung. However rather than disregard complaints, or even fix the smartphone for a price, Samsung instead recalled every device that was faulty and replaced each one for free, or offered a complete refund. The key issue here is customer relationship management, Samsung have looked after their customers and positioned themselves as a socially responsible firm, which has clearly been looked on positively from customers worldwide.

VerriBerri can help you in a Crisis

Of course most companies in Essex do not have the resources of Samsung to ensure their customer relationships are kept positive. However VerriBerri can instead help to guarantee positive relations with customers, so any business setback can be recovered with ease. Here are some specific services that can help:

  • Online reputation management – If anything potentially tarnishes your reputation, our team will protect your credentials, so your business performances will remain positive.
  • Crisis management – In the worst-case scenario, VerriBerri will provide the resources and sound advice to recover from setbacks.
  • Online PR – Our dedicated PR Essex team will ensure that the press will shine a positive light on your business so that potential customers will look fondly on your company.

Recovering from hindrances is essential for every business and the best way in doing this is by thinking of your (potential) customers. If you are short on time

or conscious of resources, then contact our marketing and PR Essex agency, VerriBerri. We are the experts to help you recuperate.

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