Companies should act socially responsible in the run up to Christmas

Christmas Corporate Social Responsibility

Christmas is without a doubt the most joyous occasion of the year. With spirits high and people appreciating the ‘time of giving’, plenty of companies are also reflecting this mood with offers and campaigns surrounding the festivities. That being said, certain companies are going above and beyond this year, to make sure they are acting socially responsible just in time for Christmas.

A socially responsible trend?

There’s a lot to be said for corporate social responsibility and we at VerriBerri PR agency Essex have highlighted the benefits it has both for society and for businesses. However, there seems to be a real drive in the UK of companies supporting social responsibility and there has been a surge in cases leading up to Christmas.

The Co-op’s approach

Only today supermarket chain The Co-op have stated that 125 of their stores will continue to sell expired tinned foods, such as fruit, as well as dried foods like rice for only 10p. The Food Standards Agency’s research found that tinned goods are still more than adequate to consume well after their expiry date and although it may be past its prime, there’s no reason to throw these products away. The ‘Don’t be a binner. Have it for dinner!’ campaign from The Co-op looks to reduce food wastage in the UK, in order to prevent damage to the environment, whilst also making food even more affordable, so everyone can eat for Christmas.

The effects of acting socially responsible

By acting socially responsible, The Co-op have only enhanced their reputation, which could prove valuable on the lead up to Christmas, where spending is at a yearly high. Of course, acting in the best interest of society can be difficult to manage, as well as ensuring positive business performance. While you may believe that costs will have to be incurred before profits are made, VerriBerri can help to ensure no losses are made at all, but your reputation credentials still improve nonetheless.

VerriBerri PR agency Essex’s expert service

Here are just a couple of things VerriBerri can do to help:

  • Keep alert – Our team at VerriBerri always pay close attention to what’s going on in the world and how business decisions can damage or improve a firm’s image from society’s perspective.
  • Cost effective approaches – VerriBerri PR Essex can design and implement the most innovative socially responsible activities, which ensures your image is improved but valuable resources aren’t drained.

In the lead up to Christmas you need to ensure your business comes across as a firm that supports society’s needs. Contact VerriBerri PR Essex to find out how we can make you more socially responsible in a cost-efficient manner.

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