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Your blog… It stinks

Rather than us giving you tips on how to make your blog better; let our Essex copywriters talk about why it’s awful; really it is.
I have read so many blogs this week (and it’s only Tuesday) that make me want to give up and go and lie in a field somewhere far away from the internet.

So before I start upsetting everyone, perhaps there is something you ought to know. Blogging is amazing. If you aren’t doing it then you should be.
Maybe you could start by writing about how you didn’t blog until you read this blog and then thought ‘maybe I’ll blog from the inspiration of this blog’!

Your blog is without a shadow of a doubt your greatest marketing asset. If you do it right it not only points to your site, increases traffic and provides a showcase for you; it also shows others in your industry that you know your shi…. Stuff.

So whether you are a seasoned blogger or this if your first attempt, here are a few reasons that your blog may absolutely reek.

1-    Your title is awful. It’s marketing 101, if your title doesn’t attract anyone the rest of this list makes no difference whatsoever as no one will read it. You need to create a title that people would be mental not to click on and of course, it still needs to be relevant.

2-    You can’t spell. I know this is pretty obvious but you can’t have mistakes in your blog; make sure you know the difference between there, their and they’re. It’s pretty basic.

3-    You have no internal links. You have just enticed them in by describing this amazing product you have, but where is it? How do I find it? Where can I buy it? Link you fool!!!

4-    You have written a story. Your blog should be a minimum of 300 words and a maximum of 800. It doesn’t have to be dead on but please don’t keep writing; break it up into a series if you absolutely have to.

5-    Your blog is ugly. It’s all written as one paragraph, or split into 50. Its all text and no images or bullet points and to be honest; it’s just not clear!

So take my advice and blog consistently (At least twice a week) and your blog won’t stink. Now I guess I am obliged to ask… does this stink?

Remember – If you need any advice you can contact us for information.

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