Crisis Management

When all else fails, our crisis management team doesn’t.

Any savvy business owner understands that your reputation takes a lifetime to establish and just hours to ruin, especially with the potential of disgruntled clients and customers communicating with each other online.

This is exactly why many companies are thinking forward and planning for every eventuality.

It makes perfect sense for every business to have strong crisis management process in place. When it comes to the crunch it is unlikely you will have much, if any, time to respond, and your reaction in these circumstances is absolutely key– in terms of business, it could be life or death.

VerriBerri possesses sound crisis management experience for a range of businesses across a variety of industries.

We will also tell you what you should not do, which is often just as essential as what you do do. We conduct the timing, approach and tactics involved in the handling of any emergency to ensure damage is limited.

Our services range from risk assessments and crisis simulation to influencer relations, crisis centre support and stakeholder communications. We can take care of the whole thing from formulating plans to recuperating from an earth shattering crisis.

You only have one chance to make this right. Don’t wait for the worst to happen; contact us now!


Most businesses understand that they need to have plans put in place in case the worst happens. Let our team prepare you and should problems occur you will be ready to respond without any knee jerk reactions. 

Emergency PR

The worst has happened and you need someone to stop your business or personal reputation from being damaged. Don’t worry; there’s not a lot of problems that our PR team haven’t dealt with!

A Company Voice

When speaking with the media, many companies prefer to have a professional representative. Our team are confident to step forward when things are tough, offering you comfort and protecting your image.