Cyber security protection is essential for your business

Cyber Preparation Is Key

A recent survey from the government’s annual Cyber Governance Health Check has found some interesting insights into cyber security, amongst the UK’s 350 biggest FTSE companies. The results found that 10% of boards have no procedures in place to respond to cyber attacks, while only 6% of respondents state that their business is completely ready for the new data laws being brought in, in next May’s cyber regulation shake up.

Worrying Reading for Businesses

Worryingly, the results also showed that only 31% of boards receive comprehensive intelligence supporting cyber risk and 68% of businesses have received no training in cyber security area whatsoever. This is bad news for UK businesses, as it doesn’t fill customers with confidence due to a lack of trust, which could ultimately result in reduced profits. This is particularly relevant for businesses within industries such as the financial sector; if personal information and security is breached through a cyber attack, this could result in huge losses and irreparable reputation damage.

VerriBerri’s Cyber Protection

It is therefore clear that preparation is not just important but absolutely necessary to protect your business from a cyber threat. You’ll be glad to know, however, that VerriBerri can support your business from this sort of attack:

  • Website design – Our expertise can not only set up and manage a site that is captivating and interesting but we also guarantee that the website is secure and cannot be breached. If your business requires added protection, then we can go to further lengths to protect your business.
  • Crisis management – If your security is questioned at all, or even exposed to an attack and your business is under threat, VerriBerri’s sound crisis management expertise can protect you at all costs.
  • Online reputation management – If your reputation is tarnished from a cyber attack, you can rely on our team to enhance your reputation so your customers have peace of mind.

Cyber breaches are something you never want to have to think about as a business owner, however in today’s technological world, it cannot be avoided. This means measures must be taken to protect yourselves – if you are looking for protection from hackers, contact VerriBerri today.

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