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In this day and age online marketing has become a necessity for all businesses. It can be a free way of advertising, which for small businesses with lesser budgets it’s the perfect marketing solution. However it is of course important to remember the effectiveness of conventional methods that have bought in the business for centuries. Here at VerriBerri we focus on your individual business needs and use the methods that will benefit you the most.

What is offline marketing?

Business cards, leaflets, signs and samples are all examples of offline marketing. These are some of the more conventional methods. Print marketing in particular is a fail-safe tool that has proven results over the years and is still a common way to increase sales. Newspapers are never short of advertisement opportunities. Do your research for your target newspaper’s circulation to see how many people purchase the paper but also how many businesses subscribe.

You can increase your sales with the use of a great leaflet or business card design. An object that a potential client can come away with from a meeting, may be more effective than an email that could potentially never be opened.

The benefits and disadvantages of offline marketing?

Because of its longevity, people are still regularly using traditional marketing. Finding an ad in a magazine or newspaper are all common activities that people do without even thinking about on a daily basis.

Dependant on your business’s target market, it may be that your prospect customers respond better to offline marketing. For example an older target audience may prefer to receive a leaflet through the post instead of an email that they have trouble accessing.

One disadvantage of these traditional marketing methods is that their effectiveness cannot be measured easily or in some cases at all. It can also be more costly which is why businesses are becoming continually open to the idea of digital marketing.

The biggest disadvantage of offline marketing would be that it is a lot harder to interact with your audience. With the technology in today’s industry you’re able to reach out and start a conversation with potential clients with just one click of a button. Whereas with these more conventional methods most of the time you are simply throwing them information and hoping that they respond.

Whether you are confused on what methods to use or think you know the best marketing techniques for your business, our Essex marketing agency can help. At VerriBerri we will take the time to get to know your business and gain a full understanding of how your target market will respond to different marketing methods. Call us today for more information.

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