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Unique and often crazy, viral online marketing campaigns have filled our social media for the last few years. From the Ice Bucket Challenge to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, going viral in 2017 can lead to huge engagement and exposure so it’s not surprising that companies are quick to jump on the online viral campaign trend!

Online marketing campaigns are a great way to advertise your brand in 2017, as you can reach an incredible number of people in a short space of time if executed correctly.

For example, the Ice Bucket Challenge was created by Pete Frates, a university student suffered with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). To promote awareness of the disease and encourage donation for research, partakers would dump a bucket of ice-cold water on their head before “tagging” others to take part, all while being filmed. As a result of this campaign, it raised $100m in 30-day period and discovered a brand new gene associated with the ALS disease.

However, there can be some downfalls to online marketing campaigns. For you to understand what the downfalls of viral social media campaigns are, let’s look at a case study.

If we go jump back to 2013/2014, you will probably remember that this as one of the biggest online marketing campaigns ever, “Share A Coke.”

Share A Coke was one of Coca-Cola’s biggest marketing campaigns; the idea involved the company swapping their famous logo with people names so they could, as Coca-Cola said, “Share a coke with the people who matter the most.” Then People could then buy a bottle with their name on or a friend’s name and post a photo using the hashtag #ShareACoke.

The campaign overall as huge success, as the idea was simple and easy for people to understand, as you will see in the statistic from the social media campaign.

– Over a thousand names were available on bottles

-998 million impressions on twitter

-235,000 tweets using the #ShareACoke hashtag

-More than 150 million personalised bottles sold

Although the campaign was a huge success. It did receive some controversy from members of ethnic groups who argued the names on the bottles were typically “English” names i.e. there were no names of the African, Asian, Indian or Arabic origin in stores. Bearing in mind Coca-Cola pride themselves on being a “part of people coming together,” I can see why certain individuals may have been angered by the campaign.

In VerriBerri Marketing and PR’s opinion, this is where we think you need to be careful when launching an online marketing campaign. You need to keep in mind that you’re going to be advertising to people of all shapes and sizes, as well as religions, races etc. So, you need to be cautious not to offend anyone or group of people. As once it starts getting shared, it’s hard to go back.

At VerriBerri PR and Marketing Agency in Essex, we understand the importance of creating the perfect social media campaigns, making sure we future proof all of the marketing campaigns we create for our clients to prevent any backlash.

For more information about social media and creating the right campaigns, get in touch with us today on 01376 386850

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