Tinder tips for the right audience

Finding Your Perfect Target Audience with the Help of Tinder!

Congratulations! The long, strenuous hours were worth it and now you have a brilliant product or service to offer to the people, but unfortunately your work doesn’t stop there! It’s time to introduce the public to your offering, just like finding your match on dating site, Tinder.

Now, we’re not saying you should download the app and starting swiping, but there are a few lessons you and your business could take from this revolutionary dating app.

Determine What You Want

Just like Tinder, the easiest way to find your perfect match is to whittle down your audience to specific criteria. Their age, their location and their gender; are all important factors in deciding whether they are your soul mate or not, so in order to find the right target audience you need to be specific.

Make sure you determine exactly what needs your product fulfills and ask yourself who is most likely to use your product. In your answers to these questions, it will become obvious exactly who your audience should be.

Making the First Move

You’re not going get a date just watching your matches flood in; instead you need to get to know your potential soul mate, the same way you need to learn about your potential audience and engage with them.

Be sure to send out newsletters and surveys so you can collect demographic data. You can correlate these positive reponses to your product or service with the specific demographic groups you find.

Creating a Game Plan

Once you understand exactly how your audience ticks, you can use this information to strategize your marketing efforts. Much like planning the perfect first date, you should create a plan of action that targets your audiences interests and needs. Not only will you have your target market like putty in your hands, but also you will make the most of your marketing strategy.

Our team at VerriBerri, a marketing agency in Essex, can help you connect and engage with your audience, offering a fresh and unique approach to marketing and getting your business the results it deserves.

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