Promote your new summer menu with social media marketing

Food and Drink Marketing and PR: How to Promote Your New Summer Menu With Social Media Marketing

Summer is upon us and for the food and drink industry that means new seasonal summer menus are being created for customers to enjoy.

With most restaurants changing their menus with the seasons, how can you be sure that customers choose to come to you for their summer salads and sangria?

Here at VerriBerri, an Essex based restaurant marketing agency, we have over ten years’ experience. We have compiled a list of ways that you can ensure a busy summer period by using social media marketing.

  • Address who your target audience is. This is absolutely vital, you have to figure out who you want in your restaurant in order to use the correct channels to reach them. If you are trying to reach everyone then your marketing efforts are most likely going to be lost in the digital woods and fail. By concentrating on one group of people you will be able to streamline your campaign and not compromise your branding.


  • Constant content. By using regular, short and snappy posts on your social media marketing avenues you are able to build some excitement around the new menu, without boring your customers. It is best to make your point quickly and effectively rather than droning on about details the customers might not care about.


  • Involve your staff. This has so many advantages, from motivating your staff to gaining the customers trust. Think about setting up a WhatsApp group, where staff can share photos and pictures for you to use in your social media marketing Maybe your chef has gone to the farmers market to get fresh locally sourced produce? Get him to take pictures of the experience and share that with your followers. Be sure to take photos of staff too and introduce them to your followers, this makes the restaurant feel more personal which is something people buy into.


  • Eating with your eyes. Work along-side your chef when creating the new menu. Take photos of the finished plated dishes, just make sure that the plating is clean and clear, after all the more Instagrammable your food is, the better! Try filming some videos of the chef explaining the specials and why he is excited about the new menu.

 If you would like to know how VerriBerri restaurant marketing in Essex can help you with social media marketing, then contact our hospitality marketing and PR team today on 01376 386850.


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