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Food and Drink Marketing and PR: How to Successfully Market Your Craft Beer Brewery

With summer here, it is prime time for bars and pubs, as thousands of thirsty patrons take to the UK’s pub gardens to enjoy a cheeky pint or two. Gone are the days when there were only a few beers to choose from, these days you will notice that craft beers are incredibly popular. With hundreds of varieties of craft beers on offer, how can you be sure that yours are being noticed and bought?

Here at VerriBerri, a food and drink marketing and PR agency in Essex, our helpful team have listed some advice for any brewery that may be struggling to reach the supermarket shelves and pint glasses of the summer pub goers.

  • Originality– You need to find what makes your beer original and focus your food and drink marketing efforts around that. By doing this you catch the customers eye making your chances of selling the beer easier. A good example of this would be ‘Beavertown brewery’ who have created a unique brand and artwork for their craft beers that has dominated the ‘hipster’ target market.


  • Content Marketing– If you are a small brewery with a tight marketing budget, one way of building a following and directing traffic to your website is to write a steady stream of blogs. By creating compelling content about your craft brewery not only can you get across your brand message to the masses, you will also have the chance to use specific keywords attached to your niche, which will help you create organic SEO.


  • Social media marketing- Creating engaging and regular social media content can be a great way to let followers know what is happening at your craft brewery and reveal new products. You will find that as your following increases so will the amplified, online word of mouth.


  • Beer Bloggers- With the increased popularity of craft beers, it has attracted a new wave of beer fanatics who are writing critiques and blogs about their favourite beverage. It could be a good idea to offer an event where local bloggers and press can sample your craft beers. In return ask if they would mind writing a positive piece about your products and brand message.


For more help with your food and drink marketing and PR, contact our friendly staff at VerriBerri food and drink PR in Essex, on 01376 386850.

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