Has TOWIE Turned Essex Into a Marketing Tool?

The Only Way is Essex is a reality TV show which has become increasingly popular over the years and well known to people in and outside the county. As the years, have progressed we’ve seen more of the cast start their own businesses, whether that be for clothing, beauty or food. Have the TOWIE crew created a marketing tool, through simply living in the county of Essex? Has Essex the county become a marketing tool?

Having a TV show filmed in Essex wasn’t a bad idea for the county, as its made us more known and bought in more tourists. It isn’t unusual to see the TOWIE cast wondering the streets and shopping especially on the streets of Brentwood. And although the show gave us a bad reputation in the start, throughout the years it’s only got better and shown Essex as a lovely area to live in.

When TOWIE was first aired backed in 2010, the show was mocked by critics and known for a dumbed down audience. But it hadn’t even been a year before The New York Times deemed it to be “one of the most talked about shows TV shows” in 2011. Over the years the reality show won awards and gained way over a million viewers.

With the popularity of the county increasing it only seems more and more appealing to start-up your own Essex based local business, just like the crew have done and other young entrepreneurs. By 2012 the fans of TOWIE had created a 1.4BN boost to the economy. That was in just two years.

Are you thinking of starting your own business but don’t know where to place it? Have you wanted to start something for a long time in Essex but didn’t know if it would take off? Well surely we have convinced you that it’s a popular and ever-growing community. Our Essex marketing and PR agency started just over 8 years ago now and has constantly increased in size and success. We can support you in your start-up business or even just a growing and expanding business in Essex and all over the country. Call us today for more information on 01376 386850

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