Coca-Cola's Christmas campaign is being questioned

“Holidays are (potentially not) coming”

Today marks the first day of December. For some, waking up this morning may feel that little bit colder and those driving into work will be greeted by Christmas music on the radio. That’s right, the countdown to Christmas can officially begin!

Coca-Cola’s Christmas marketing

With December now here, expect to see marketers giving it their all to promote their products in time for Christmas. Similarly, popular campaigns will be making a reappearance and one that everyone loves is of course the Coca-Cola ‘Holidays Are Coming’ campaign. The red Christmas truck promotion has grown from television advertising to now physical ‘tours’ around the UK and it cannot be denied that it gets people in the festive spirit.

Is the Coca-Cola campaign appropriate?

However, not everyone is on board with the soft drink giant’s annual PR stunt. Public Health England are calling for local councils and shopping centres to ban Coca-Cola lorry appearances, amid fears over the high level of sugar content of their beverages and the appeal the company has to younger children. Additionally, research shows that the festive and snow-covered truck plans to visit towns where tooth decay and obesity are above average, again raising question marks over the suitability of the campaign.

Coca-Cola have since defended themselves by stating it is only a one-off event and over 70% of samples given out at the tour are in fact sugar free. Not only this, but the campaign itself is traditional and gets people excited for Christmas, so you’d expect the majority of people are happy with the #HolidaysAreComing promotion.

Corporate social responsibility

Examining this story raises one important question and that is the suitability of corporate social responsibility. Is Coca-Cola acting socially responsible by extensively promoting their goods, of which many are unhealthy? You’d have to say no, although a company of the magnitude of Coca-Cola can certainly handle such criticism. That being said, if a smaller firm with fewer resources were to come under this pressure from health organisations, there is no doubt that their performance would falter.

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