Online PR is essential to enhance the exposure of hotels

Hospitality PR

How to develop a successful hospitality PR strategy.

Our team believe that the hospitality industry represents the most diverse industry possible. It covers everything from cafés to sleeps village pubs, food brands to spirits, bed and breakfasts to luxury spa and golf clubs.

At an estimated worth of over £60 billion, hospitality is a well-respected, much loved trade that merits amazing public relations to support it.

The challenge this brings is due to the size of the market it can be difficult to make an impact and really stand out.

As such, below are some points you should consider when looking to secure PR for your hospitality brand, especially if you are not engaging the assistance of a public relations professional such as ourselves.

Who is your target audience?

Before you do anything else you need to consider who you would want to see your brand. Who do you want to visit or buy from you? Who are they? What do they like doing? What do they read, watch and listen to?

You want to match your audience perfectly in order to portray the best representation of your business. If you do this it can considerably increase the likelihood of running a successful campaign.

What do you want to say?

Now you know who you want to talk to, what you want to say to them, everything you do should offer value to the reader, place yourself in a position of knowledge and experience plus enhance the reputation of your brand.

Try and consider timing too; can you tie your press release into an event, holiday or newsworthy topic? If you can it is likely your reach will be even wider.

Do you have amazing images?

Nothing lets an article down faster than a poor quality, or even worse, irrelevant image. Take your time finding or capturing the perfect photo, or creating a professional infographic.
Not only will this help you secure the article itself but also the final product will be more polished and professional.

Whether you need assistance with a one off project or help with your ongoing public relation needs the VerriBerri team can help. Contact us today for a free consultation and strategy for your hospitality brand’s marketing and PR.

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