How can hotels can use PR

How Can Your Hotel Can Use PR to Increase Your Bottom Line

We all know how much work goes into running a hotel, so many people outsource marketing and PR to a reputable hospitality integrated agency.

So, once you start getting regular coverage, how can you capitalise on this to ensure you make the most of everything your hotel gets?

Social Media.

Your social platforms are a community of carefully cultivated followers who are likely to be comprised of people who have stayed in your hotel, potential guests, tourist boards, local business, tour operators, bloggers and even journalists. Put simply, you have a captive audience who want to know about you.

When you gain coverage, we share this through your social channels to further the reach and ensure people know just how amazing you are by building on your credibility.

This goes beyond a retweet or share, our design team create a mock-up of the article to make it visually appealing, then our content team write an engaging caption to sit alongside this.

Internal Communications.

Make sure that your team share in the win. After all, they are part of the success due to the amazing service they offer your guests. Share your article via email or WhatsApp and maybe even pin a copy up on the noticeboard. You can’t underestimate the power of making the team feel included, no matter how small a role people have. You may even find people share this on their own social channels!

As Featured In…

Another benefit of media coverage is you can tell people you have been featured in a variety of publications, which enhances their trust in your brand. You will immediately seem more credible in the eyes of a potential guest. It pays to have a dedicated press page on your website but why not put a graphic on your home page too?

PR efforts shouldn’t stop when you have an article published, Beyond the column, coverage is a ticket to reliability and brand awareness.

If your hotel is looking for an agency with proven results in Europe and the USA, why not get in touch with our team to find out what we can do for you?

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