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How Going Green Can Improve Your Hospitality PR and Marketing

With the amount of plastic waste in our oceans hitting headlines, many companies are looking to reduce their plastic waste in an attempt to go green and start slowing down the devastating impact plastic is having on our wildlife and environment.

One of the main industries looking to make a dramatic reduction in plastic waste is the hospitality industry. With 70% of hospitality businesses aiming to reduce the use of single-use plastic products.

Here at VerriBerri, food and drink PR and marketing in Essex, our team are looking at why becoming bio-friendly could benefit your food and drink PR and marketing efforts. There are many positives in making the move from plastic to alternative materials, our team have listed some of the marketing and PR benefits below.

  • Public Relations

It is important that businesses in the hospitality industry look into more sustainable materials for their consumables. It can start as simply as changing plastic straws to paper ones, from there start looking at other eco avenues such electricity and water usage. By making these changes you are setting your business up to receive a positive reaction from the public and can start utilising your new green title in your marketing and PR efforts.

  • Brand Image

Once the changes to your business’s carbon footprint have been made, you can begin to declare it to the public through your brand message. When a company goes green it has a positive effect on public relations as it shows the business isn’t just in it for the money, making the public trust them more. Use a creative design agency like VerriBerri in Essex to create eye-catching visual aids that will help to promote your new eco-friendly title in line with your brand.

  • New customers

Food and drink PR and marketing plays a big part in any hospitality business. When it comes to your menu you can use your eco-friendly title to your advantage. Your environmentally friendly change doesn’t have to stop at what your food is being served on. Look into organic, locally sourced proteins and produce, while including a good variety of vegetarian and vegan options to attract a new wave of customers, while showing support to local farms and reducing your carbon footprint.

If you would like to know more about how VerriBerri, hospitality PR and marketing agency in Essex can help you with your eco-friendly marketing efforts, then call our professional team today on 01376 386850.

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