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How Important is Food and Drink PR?

Specialising in PR and Marketing in Essex for nearly 10 years, the team at VerriBerri have found public relations to be one of the most effective and economical ways of marketing any business. Yet, it seems that the industry to benefit from this marketing method the most is food and drink.

Working with a number of top restaurants in Essex, we have seen first-hand how great PR campaigns can transform the fortunes of food and drink companies. So, we have put together a list of reasons why we believe public relations for food is so important.

People Know You Exist

Without marketing and PR, it’s unlikely people will know who are. In this day and age, relying on customers to spread the word is likely to take years as people access so much information online. A good reputation amongst a few people won’t be enough to see your business grow.

That’s why PR is an excellent tool to make customers aware of your product or service and helps to establish your brand. Shannan Weeks, VerriBerri Public Relations Executive, says; “PR acts as a great supplement to classic, direct marketing by aiding brand recognition.” It also helps in the modern age where consumers are “getting increasingly savvy” towards traditional marketing techniques.

Control the Narrative Around Your Products

Whether you’re an upmarket soft-drink company looking to convince consumers that carbonated drinks can be high-end, or a yoghurt company hoping to share the health benefits of your product, public relations is a great way to spread your message.

Maddie, Public Relations Assistant, explains: “while direct marketing and advertising can be a useful strategy, having your message reiterated in a newspaper article or magazine feature will reinforce the endorsement of your product or service.”

Connect Your Brand with Industry Experts

The opinions of food journalists and bloggers are more important than ever in the food and drink sector. After all, the thoughts and opinions of these people hold a lot of weight.

Therefore, by having a PR firm by your side, you can make sure these writers and critics know about your product and give them an opportunity to spread the word to their followers.

If the quality of your product is something you truly believe in, a positive review by a top food critic can go a long way in convincing a customer to consider you next time they put together their shopping list or go out to eat.

Find out more information about our PR for food and drink in Essex and London by looking at our current testimonials, or get in touch with our PR team on 01376 386850.

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