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How Is Your Business Affected By Instagram and Facebook Algorithm Changes?

The start of a new year is an opportunity for a refresh and changing things up a bit – a thing that Facebook and Instagram know very well! In January, both social media platforms announced there would be changes to the sites’ algorithm, making it harder for business content to reach users on the platforms.

For Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg reported they would be changing the news feed to prioritise “friends, family and groups” content while Instagram will make you work hard to reach your audience by pushing engagement.

But how exactly will these algorithm changes affect your business?

As the changes to Facebook’s newsfeed start to roll out, businesses are expected to see a decrease in organic reach as users start to spend less time on Facebook pages. However, this presents the perfect opportunity to refresh your content.

In the latest algorithm announcement, Zuckerberg stated that “pages who posts prompt conversations between friends will see less of an effect” from the changes. If you’re looking to increase your engagement over the next few months, you should try and reach your customers through “meaningful interactions,” which means shares, comments, and more comments.

As a brand, you should be creating quality content that will spark a conversation between your users. You can do this by including questions in your posts or writing about relevant topic that your users will have an opinion on.

However, avoid including any “engagement-bait” in your content. You may be tempted to try and hack the algorithms by asking your audience to “COMMENT on this post if you like ice cream!” However this will continue to block your posts from the news feed.

In regards to Instagram, the algorithm changes are much more complex. For example, when you post on your Instagram page, it will immediately go to 10% of your audience. It will then gauge the interest of your post by this initial engagement before showing it to the rest of your followers.

Not only is Instagram restricting exposure on the engagement of your posts, but they’re looking at your own engagement on whether to show your post or not. To avoid any decreases in your posts visibility, you will want to respond to any comments left on your post within 60 minutes.

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