Our Restaurant PR agency can help your restaurant

How Our Restaurant PR Agency Can Help Your Restaurant

How do you get your restaurant’s brand message and image out to the public? Most restaurant owners believe they have to spend a small fortune on advertising to achieve the desired exposure. However, this type of marketing can be costly, often exhausting their marketing and PR budget with limited reach to the restaurant’s target market.

VerriBerri, a restaurant PR agency in Essex, has been established for nearly ten years. In that time, our expert team have helped entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry create a positive brand message for their business, whilst achieving positive media exposure.

So, how can our restaurant PR agency help fill your restaurant with hungry diners?

  • Rebranding– Our team are fully equipped to deal with any concerns you may have around your brand image. When it comes to branding your restaurant; it is more than just an image, text or logo. Successful branding will evoke an emotional response from the public and should be carried through the entire business, from signage to staff.
  • Restaurant website design– A successful website should be easy to use, with the right balance between engaging content and selling ability. Many diners see eating out as an event, often building their excitement by heading to your website – checking out your menu and food photos ahead of time. This is the perfect opportunity to start feeding the potential diners your brand message.
  • SEO– Where you rank on search engines such as Google could make the difference in getting diners through the doors. Our creative marketing team can help your restaurant achieve an organic SEO. By using content marketing strategies, our team will be able to write engaging blogs for your website that will see you climb up the search engine rankings.
  • Social media marketing– Social media has become a very effective, inexpensive marketing tool for restaurants. I mean, who doesn’t like to look at food pictures? Our social media team are able to run your accounts, producing posts that will see your digital and physical following increase.
  • Public Relations– Good public relations is all about the positive exposure of the restaurant’s image or brand. The knowledge our team have in this area means that we can achieve positive media and press coverage of your restaurant, without having to push a hard sell technique.

If you would like to know more about how VerriBerri, restaurant PR agency can help you and your restaurant, contact us today on 01376 386850.

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