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How to run your Twitter for Business with VerriBerri Digital Agency Essex

Who doesn’t enjoy scrolling through Twitter? Whether it’s keeping up with trivial celebrity dramas or letting everyone know our 3am revelations, I’m sure we’re not alone when we say – Twitter is a fabulous pastime!

And that’s exactly how it should feel when you’re running a Twitter account for your business.

With over 500 million users and 135,000 new users signing up to the site every day, Twitter is a great place to connect with your target audience and show off just how unique your company is. But how exactly can you make sure it works?

In short, Twitter is an online news and social networking service which encourages users to post and interact with others by “tweets” that are restricted to 140 characters. Within the tweets, you can include links to any content you create such as photos, videos or webpages.

Twitter offers users a brand new experience of social media platform, giving them a fresh chance to connect with customers. Unlike other social media tools, Twitter allows you to follow other people so you can easily read, reply to and share tweets with your followers. It also allows you to share content with your audience at the same time as the post is tweeted unlike Facebook which uses the EdgeRank filter to space out status updates on follower’s feeds.

So how exactly can you use Twitter as a business?

Using Lists

As a business, you will begin to follow a lot of people to gain a following. These people could be customers, suppliers or peers whose tweets you are interested in seeing. However, by following such a mixture of people your Twitter will soon be full of messages and it will be hard to fish out the important ones.

If you don’t want to miss anything out, build Twitter lists and organise who you follow by placing them into separate lists such as ‘customers’. This allows you to group only the important people you follow so they don’t get lost in your feed. 

Raising Brand Awareness

As a PR agency Essex, we understand the importance of raising brand awareness and Twitter is one way to do this. Before you can start tweeting the unique elements of your business, you must upload a profile picture and header. Considering your image appears next to every tweet you share, people will start to see you on their feed and associate you with the tweets you’re posting. We recommend using your business logo which fits the square profile picture size and is readable.

Making Twitter Useful

Twitter is a powerful tool that is often neglected as being ‘another social media platform’. However, when put to good use it can benefit your business and help you meet your business goals. Giveaways and contests that only require people to “retweet” your post are a great way of getting your name out there without paying to advertise your competition. For example, if you’re looking to sell your brand new perfume, you could have customers retweet the post to win a sample of the new fragrance.

As one of the top marketing and PR companies in London, VerriBerri Marketing Agency Essex guarantee to build and connect with your target audience using our expert knowledge of social media. To find out more information about VerriBerri and any of the other services we offer, call our team on 01376 386850.

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