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How to Use Twitter to Your Advantage When Implementing Restaurant Social Media Marketing

Let’s face it, Twitter has become mandatory for Essex restaurant marketing. It’s basically a free way of advertising your restaurant to prospective customers and it engages with them via simple methods of communication. So, how can you use 280 characters to benefit your business?

Meet with a Tweet

It is true that businesses will need to primarily engage with prospective customers above all else on their to-do list. However, if you are willing to dedicate time in your working day to address people from businesses in the same industry as you, then Twitter can work in your favour.

Don’t stress; this doesn’t mean you have to send out edible goods from your own restaurant. It is simply a case of liking or sharing other’s Twitter posts to generate exposure from their followers, it’s a ‘you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’ situation! By doing this, (as well as making sure your own posts on your feed look appealing) you will ensure your following and clientele will grow!

Hashtag away

Food marketing can be daunting as if you’re unfamiliar with Twitter, it can seem to have its own language. But this isn’t completely the case, think of Twitter as more of a large group chat, where anyone can have an input.

For great restaurant marketing practices in Essex in particular, start off with meaningful conversation points with relevant hashtags, so that your prospective customers are more likely to engage and share while increasing the likelihood of your posts being found via its hashtags. However, consider the VerriBerri marketing Essex rule of thumb: never post a tweet with more than 5 hashtags otherwise it becomes overpowering!

Use discounts effectively

It’s common knowledge that discounts and coupon prizes will attract anyone to your company. However, to use these promotions in your favour and ensure maximum exposure, ensure that in order to be in with a chance of winning, people have to retweet your post or follow your profile, or both!

Our marketing company in Essex also suggest resisting the temptation to bombard your followers with discounts. They should feel exclusive and too many promotions can make your company look unprofessional.

Interact with your followers

Showing off the approachable and friendly elements of your business ensures that your customers will want to return again and again. An excellent way to interact with your customers is to acknowledge all the people who have left positive feedback about your business.

As well as this, you could interact with your followers by asking which cocktails they’d like to see on the menu next, finding out what specials they particularly enjoyed and then let them know how you have listened to their requests.

For more Essex restaurant social media marketing advice, just contact our expert team at our Essex media company VerriBerri.

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