A restaurant's marketing must reflect the authenticity of the restaurant

Keep your Restaurant Authentic

We know how tough business is, even more so when you are in a highly competitive industry such as hospitality. So much so that, as a restaurant, you will stop at no lengths to promote your establishment and get ahead of the competition. Of course this can be beneficial but there are consequences.

Avoid a Generic Strategy

As a restaurant, if you seek to market to more of the public, your marketing may have to also ‘cater’ to more individuals and, as a result, it becomes more generic. Of course promoting your eatery to more of the public is a good thing, yet a generic strategy usually also leads to you losing your restaurant authenticity and this is what makes you special and unique. Overall, with a generic strategy, you promote yourself as any old regular restaurant.

What Makes a Restaurant Authentic

Here are a few types of restaurants that are often found in the UK, that have an authentic edge and should be emphasising these characteristics through marketing:

  • British – Here’s the place where you’ll find proper grub. Think of homely meals including potatoes, lamb and plenty of veg.
  • Italian – Fine wines, pizzas and pastas. Clean and classy is what you can expect here.
  • Indian – There’s nothing quite like the aroma of Indian spices and hot Asian cuisine.

At VerriBerri we are firm believers that restaurants should be marketing their specialities and what sets them apart from the rest, rather than promoting to all individuals. A niche market with loyal customers can be much more valuable than an irregular customer base and our team at VerriBerri can help you deliver this.

How VerriBerri can help

Our website design capabilities know no limits and we can guarantee that your site will not only be user-friendly, but also present your food to be authentic. In this instance, our dedicated graphic designer is of most use. Furthermore, the website’s text, images and layout will be presented in a way that suits your restaurant’s style. This also extends to social media, where VerriBerri’s team can communicate to the public in an appropriate manner that reflects your restaurant’s values. As well as this, the use of multimedia on social media, such as images and videos, will not only be appropriate but captivating.

These are just two services that VerriBerri can manage for you to ensure your restaurant keeps it’s authentic advantage while also being promoted to a large customer base. Get in touch to find out more about how VerriBerri can enhance your restaurant’s profile.

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