Bus stops provide an innovative opportunity for marketers

Make your Campaign Innovative

In Australia, backpackers and citizens alike have been noticing something unusual about the bus stops in Sydney and Perth. Rather than uncomfortable benches to sit on while you wait for the bus, large couches have been installed instead, to offer a more relaxing wait for the bus. With a striking yellow appearance, only one company could have implemented this street furniture, and that is of course IKEA.

IKEA’s Campaign

Along with the couches, full sized cabinets have also been added to the bus stop to create a ‘home’ feel, while the IKEA catalogue can also be picked up, so the public can see what’s in store. You may be asking yourself ‘why are IKEA going to such lengths?’ The reason is that IKEA are attempting to drive emphasis on this year’s catalogue, which largely focuses on life (or furniture!) in and around the living room. You’d have to say it is working, because the campaign is whipping up a storm in Australia and has got people talking throughout the world.

Knock-On Benefits

Interestingly Adshel, who specifically manage bus boarding advertising, have also benefitted from this campaign. Allowing such engaging and noticeable promotional activity has shown that Adshel offers flexible and immersive advertising, which will only work in their favour, as marketers will know to use Adshel in the future.

Bus-Stop Tour of Marketing

Using bus stops as a marketing tool has been used before and to good effect:

  • Guarana Antarctica – Life-size goal posts surrounded bus stops in Sao Paulo, to build hype for the World Cup.
  • Osram – This business sell energy saving light bulbs, the ad would lighten only when someone was in the bus stop.
  • Coca-Cola – To promote their new grip bottle, Coca-Cola added Velcro strips to bus stops, people would get stuck and therefore interact with the brand.
  • Quicksilver – This skating brand added a real skateboard ramp to bus stops in Denmark, to position themselves at the forefront of skating equipment.

What we at VerriBerri are saying here is that there are opportunities for inventive marketing in the unlikeliest of places and our marketing agency Essex team knows what it takes to market your business in more outside-of-the-box methods. So if you feel inexperienced when it comes to marketing, or if you’re looking for creative and contemporary approaches, then look no further than our PR and marketing agency Essex, VerriBerri.

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