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Why Marketing for Catering Companies Is Vital For the Festive Season Lead Up

As we are about to enter the festive season, with Christmas and New Year’s just around the corner; it is vital that hospitality companies start to push their food and drink marketing. The festive season is the perfect time to gain new customers and increase your brand’s exposure. Catering businesses should begin to plan their seasonal marketing strategy – planning early is the key to success during the festive season.


Festive campaigns

Your company should consider running a festive campaign.  Consider a theme or message for your festive campaign, that runs across all your social media and promotional platforms. Effective and popular Christmas themes are home; family; sharing; love and nostalgia; chose a marketing theme that best serves your audience. Costa Last year ran the #CatchUpAtCosta campaign during the festive season, which saw them have huge success. The campaign encouraged customers to come into stores and ‘catch up’ with loved ones over one of their festive drinks. It was a very simple concept that encouraged engagement in a natural way.

The festive period is very busy, and people have lots to organise. Offering a festive package with set guidelines and themes can be a perfect solution for the customer and your company, as you don’t have to accommodate to every order. By making the offer and package limited edition you can make it unique to your competitors.


Engagement & Awareness

If your company does not receive large engagement across their social media platforms, the festive season is the ideal time to encourage customers to engage. Social media competitions work well to encourage customers to get involved with the company as they provide an incentive.

Christmas and New Year are a popular time for people; businesses and workplaces to hold parties and events. This results in lots of mouths to feed, so your company can gain huge exposure to many potential and new customers. If you are an outside catering company brought into an event venue, this brings in many potential opportunities, to be added to their supplier lists.

During the festive season, businesses should embrace the sense of community spirit, especially before gloomy January is upon us all too soon!

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