Our Team

With a wealth of experience, meet our BBC and ITV trained marketing and PR team. 

Sarah has the role of running the Marketing and PR departments and is responsible for SEO. Sarah is heavily involved as a whole, working alongside the team to produce astounding results.

Shannan is responsible for many of our client’s PR. When you work with her you know she is there with her little black book and a way of making things happen.

In addition to managing the team; Amy looks after communications, ensuring that everyting you do has the correct message. She is very personable and does a fantastic job at building a relationship with your audience.

Zoe not only works with reports and data but also creates all our strategies ensuring the team fully understand all the goals they have.

Ameesha pins the team together. Without her ongoing researching our clients and their competitors how would we know what we are doing will work?

Emily is a vital cog in our marketing team, working predominantly writing effective, search engine friendly content.

Caitlin is a born and bred designer, working on anything from branding and videography to leaflets and catalogues. Just ask to see her portfolio!

Charlie ensures solid, quality implementation of our clients projects ensuring the team provide the amazing results that we have come to expect.

Using a variety of skills Jack ensures continual growth and a solid ROI for your brand. It is his responsibility to ensure what we are doing converts.

Camilla is everything PR looking after our clients reputations and exposure.


Emily works with our PR and content team ensuring our message is concise, clear and engaging.

Maddie works within our PR team providing support and ensuring our clients achieve amazing coverage.

Ella is part of both the PR and design team. Having experience in both writing in and designing magazines she is an asset to our ever expanding team.

Need your social media to increase its engagement and start converting? Need content that will make your audience stop and think? Alisha will make it happen.

Hannah is part of the SEO team, working to ensure our clients receive a 100% ROI

Yasmin is personal assistant to our MD, Sarah. She supports Sarah in the smooth running of the team.

Luke is the bridge between the PR and content team. He manages quality assurance, ensuring the content team produce the highest quality work ready for print, the media or online.

Mark is our ‘office angel.’ He keeps organisation and structure in place ensure smooth running of the overall office.

Megan works within the PR team, ensuring our clients have regular coverage in all the right places.

Alex works in the B2B area of our PR team, ensuring our corporate clients have quality coverage.