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My Second Week of Work Experience at Verriberri

With the first week flying past in the blink of an eye, I was really looking forward to getting on with week two. Although there was a tad of brain freeze on that Monday morning, I was soon typing away and back to doing what I love best, writing.

PR and Marketing are both exciting, and challenging, and one of the things that I quickly learnt at Verriberri , is that no two days are the same.  The team look after many businesses from a wealth of industries and I wrote articles about travel, film, health and well-being, staff training for HR magazines and some copy for a financial website amongst other things.

Why is content writing so important for businesses?

When you hire a PR company to promote your business, product or event, it will be via the dedicated content that they create for you that will enable you to achieve your goals. This includes:

  • Coverage in the local press
  • A website refresh
  • Creating a new bespoke website and accompanying marketing materials
  • Ongoing social media plans across various platforms
  • Plus everything in between.


What is all the fuss about Keywords?

During my second week I asked to spend some time with the SEO team. Search Engine Optimisation is a core part of content writing as all content needs to be optimised to be ranked higher by Google and other search engines. I worked with Hannah who explained things really clearly. During client briefings the team will discuss which keywords are best for that specific business and then after identifying them they are worked into the content in strategic places. They also look at their past success rates.  By ensuring that you place these keywords in the optimum strategic locations you should see your website ranking increase.


Do you need to change or evaluate keywords?

A business is constantly evolving and changing so yes it is imperative that you change and adapt your keywords but, also just as importantly, you need to monitor their success and adapt as necessary.  Hannah showed me some of the tools that Verriberri use to quantify this and how they report back to their clients. This is vital to the success of SEO and demonstrates the importance of an on-going relationship with your PR Company.


Content Planning Across Social Media Platforms.  

Emily is one of Verriberri’s content writers, and she showed me how they plan and execute social media posts across many different on-line platforms.

One company that she was working on are based abroad and have only ever communicated through Skype and emails with them. Whilst that country has a very different culture to ours and some marked differences in marketing norms, Emily showed me how they obtain product photos and information about the company that they can they use for the future.  Whatever the challenges they find a way to overcome them.

She also explained the importance of working on time-sensitive campaigns with a generous lead time such as Valentines’ Day, Easter and Christmas.


What have I Learnt From This Experience?

During this time I had some great feedback on some of my work which was amazing to hear. This placement was all about helping me to understand current industry standards and to help me to improve my writing skills. But it has taught me so much more.

I have seen how the various departments of a great PR company must work in synch with each other in this fast paced world. They need to have a network of well placed contacts across many different media companies and most importantly they have to know how to pique the attention of a journalist or editor with a well put together pitch to get a company that all important coverage.

For anybody not sure whether hiring a PR company will be cost effective, after my time here I would advise considering the following:

It is not whether you can afford to hire a PR company but rather can you afford not to?    

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