Online PR

How can our online PR team help your business?

You can no longer rely on traditional media alone to get your message across and build upon your brands reputation. The on-going growth of digital PR and Social Media has gained momentum and is the direction all forward thinking companies are heading in.

We still work with traditional media but we couple this with a host of online platforms to push your message even further.

As an established company we have key relationships with those in the know and we know what they are looking for.

We fully appreciate the fast paced realm of social media, where rep
utations can be reinforced or shattered in a matter of seconds. Our approach gets you involved in the right discussions, networking with your customers to build commitment and confidence.

We create original, high-quality, regular content that people want to click on, like, share, tag, comment on and download.

Our services run deep and are backed by over ten years of experience.

Online Coverage

We live in a fast-paced, reaction led world and as a result it can be difficult to get the online press coverage you deserve. Our believe in more than just coverage. We want to make sure we put you in front of the right audience.

The Right Content

Without amazing content what are you doing? Our highly experienced team create eye-catching angles, drum up interest, and design an irresistible hook to get your company recognition.

Working side by side

Your PR should work with your online strategy. It can boost your Google ranking and as such a conjoined SEO and PR strategy is invaluable. We have both these teams avialale when you work with VerriBerri.