Personal trainers should look for a change in branding is business performances are faltering.

Personal Trainers – Complete (Re)branding Strategy

Although the day-to-day work of personal trainers can be incredibly tiring, anyone with the right mind-set and discipline can be a personal trainer. This is certainly not to say being a PT is easy, but the point stands that to become a personal trainer, certificates have to be attained and equipment must be purchased, but other than that nothing is stopping an individual becoming a PT if they wish.

Due to many people choosing to take on personal training as a career, this industry is incredibly competitive, especially when you consider the long-standing PTs already in the market. With this intense competition there is certainly a consideration for branding, or perhaps rebranding, for established trainers.

Branding for start ups

If you are an up-and-coming personal trainer, having a complete branding service is essential to create a platform that you can then grow from. If your site looks tacky then it won’t draw in any potential clients and if there is not a clear marketing message conveyed to the public, then they will question your credentials as a worthy trainer. Having a complete branding strategy ensures you can penetrate the market and build a customer base quickly and effectively.

Rebranding for established PT

On the flip side, as an already established personal training business, if your performance has fallen flat then you’ll need to consider rebranding aspects to make sure you can recover and keep threats from new emerging PTs to a minimum. When we say rebranding in this instance, we aren’t talking about changing the name of your business per se, rather look to adapt your marketing message or strategy to accommodate a more modern approach that attracts new customers.

VerriBerri marketing and PR Essex service

It’s all well and good VerriBerri stating that a complete (re)branding strategy is needed, however it must be approached with caution. If you are looking for a different branding approach, look no further than VerriBerri; this is what we can do for you:

  • Social approach – Having a clear but also unified social media message ensures the public understand your PT service and what separates it from the rest.
  • Branding exercise – If there is a specific training exercise that your personal training business specialises in, VerriBerri guarantee that this will be branded.
  • Consistent branding – If you do decide to rebrand your name or image, VerriBerri PR Essex guarantee that it looks consistent and professional thanks to our accomplished in-house designers.

A complete branding strategy may be necessary to help your personal trainer business recover, or even get off the ground. If you fit this bracket, then VerriBerri PR Essex are the agency for you!

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