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Plastic Free Public Relations

In a war on waste Prime Minister, Theresa May, is set to tell supermarkets to sell both fresh foods and fruit and vegetables loose rather than encased in the plastic wrapping we have all become accustomed to.

Love or hate Theresa May, few will disagree with this unprecedented move which makes up part of a 25-year environmental pledge to eradicate unnecessary plastic waste, alongside the decision to extend the 5 pence plastic bag charge to all retail outlets regardless of size.

This new pledge is, in our Public relations agency’s opinion, a very good move for the Conservative party. They have as a whole, but especially the PM herself, come under an extraordinary amount of criticism and should this strategy be executed correctly, could mark not only a legacy for Theresa May but better the public opinion right now.

After all, who can honestly say this is a negative move? We all have a vested interest to look after our planet and a statement this bold should ripple, encouraging other counties to reduce waste.

Cucumbers have been pinpointed as a particular produce that creates a needless amount of waste and let’s be honest, a cucumber is perfectly able to keep itself fresh. The only argument I can possibly see against this is that the ends may go a little dry, but what kind of heathen doesn’t slice that off anyhow?

Many individual stores have seen the value in ‘going green’ which not only helps the environment but portrays to customers that the company cares, which as callous is it sounds, is also great for their PR too.

Take Pret who have started taking 50 pence off of a coffee, should you bring your own reusable mug. The company is one of the most environmentally minded around and have a real commitment to reduce waste.

With this in mind, if you are reading this from the perspective of a store, we urge you to consider your environmental contribution. The benefits are plentiful, not just for your brand but for the generations to come.

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