PR Agency in Essex

If your business is based in Essex and you are looking for a PR team, we could be the perfect choice for you. Our PR and marketing agency is in the perfect location if you are in Essex or surrounding area, although we do work with brands and personalities internationally.

Below are some of the reasons that our PR agency Essex, could be the ideal solution for your company or individual needs.

Ten brains instead of one – You won’t just have one marketing genius working for you, but instead our entire team. We can constantly produce new angles and ideas for your business and PR plan.

Small but detailed – We may be a smaller team than some larger marketing agencies, but we have attention to detail on our side. We will take the time to understand your business needs and any unique selling points that your product or service has. With this information we will have full understanding on how your business is run and which marketing tools will work best for you.

We work to your budget – We work for businesses with both small and large budgets. We won’t push you into a contract that you aren’t willing to pay, but instead ask you how much you wish to pay each month. We will then create your strategy to your budget, explaining what you will be getting each month for your money and how long results will take to emerge for those on a smaller financial plan.

We will work towards getting you free exposure through editorial – We often find many marketing agencies choose to go down the avenue of advertisements. Instead of paying above and beyond for a small advertising space in a magazine, we will try to secure you free editorial instead. This will work better than advertising without the associated costs.

Here are just a few of the reasons that our PR agency is the one for you. We will work with you to protect and build your business and brand. For further information get in touch today.

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