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Relax, VerriBerri are Here to Talk About Digital Marketing for Your Spa

You may have noticed in recent years, that fitness and wellbeing have become a massive consumer priority, with many people focusing on their overall health by paying for fitness memberships or receiving stress-relieving treatments. The UK spa industry should be ready to take advantage of the ever-growing wave of people investing in their mind, body and soul.

This growth in demand has made the spa industry highly competitive, where the smallest detail could be the difference in customers using you or your competitors. Here at VerriBerri, a digital marketing agency in Essex, our team have compiled some ideas about how to make sure customers choose your spa to unwind.

Keep the website simple

Most customers that come to your spa would have probably checked the place out online first. With this in mind, it is vitally important that you have a clean and easy to use website. As a graphic design agency in Essex, our team know that it is best to keep hospitality websites simple, stick to the basics most people just want to find your opening hours, prices, photos and be able to book an appointment online or over the phone, so make that your focus.


Making sure that you have a strong brand can take some work and for older businesses, it may be necessary to have a complete re-brand. You need to keep up with the times, if your spa is outdated and looks stuck in a different generation you will likely start losing guests to more modern competitors. Start with a new logo as taking on the whole project at once can become overwhelming, sometimes just the simplest change can spark creativity and before you know it your whole spa could be restyled.


Content marketing is really effective for SEO. As a spa, there are so many topics on health and wellbeing to write about, start writing blogs for your website about common health and fitness questions. This will create engaging content that you can lace with organic keywords for your spa. Use social media to share your blogs once they are uploaded to your website, this will allow you to reach a broader audience and hopefully, have people sharing your content.

If you would like to know how VerriBerri creative design agency in Essex can help your spa with its digital marketing and design efforts, then contact our experienced team today on 01376 386850.

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