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Our Essex Public Relations office deals with reputation management on an on-going basis for clients across the UK.

Many people assume that they only need their name protected in case of crisis, but that’s really not the case. Your reputation is paramount and sadly, true or false people will listen to what is being said about you. public relations crisis management pet shop

There are different types of reputation management. There is the kind you carry out day-to-day where you ensure that your brand has a consistent tone, which ensures that your staff are happy and your customers get great products and service and there is the kind that is carried out in a crisis.

Crisis management is something that should always be considered before the event by way of future proofing. A good PR agency will sit down with you and discuss things that potentially could go wrong and work out how they will solve the issue should it ever arise. This is something many people skimp out on in order to save money but it is an element that must be taken seriously.

Case Study.

A pet shop approached us; they had sold an animal, which through no fault of the store but through negligence of the owner had sadly died. The owner was seeking damages from the store. Once the vets report came back it was immediately clear that the poor animal had died due to the lack of care it had had at the hands of the owner and nothing the pet shop could have done would have prevented this.

Under the circumstances the store refused a refund. The customer was incensed and set up a social media campaign. Of course the people that partook in this crusade had no idea what had happened and only the word of one individual. By the time we were contacted by the shop they had lost tens of thousands having to temporarily close the store, had shut down all social media accounts, there was police involvement as there were threats to the lives of the staff that worked there and of course there was media interest.

This terrible happening is the perfect example of what can happen if you do not have a crisis management plan in place. Should we have been contacted earlier we would have been able to implement methods of damage limitation.

If you are concerned that your reputation is in danger either now or down the line please get in touch with our crisis management PR team who will be happy to offer you a non obligation meeting.

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