Restaurants are under constant pressure so it's easy to see why marketing is often not possible

Restaurants – Enough Time for Marketing?

There is no escaping the amount of work that goes into setting up and then running a restaurant. Before you even begin to dream about running a successful establishment, you must have an appropriate location, welcoming interior, friendly service and a range of food and drink in place. Even when all of this is set in stone, work never stops in the service industry; therefore you can understand why restaurants may have limited time for marketing.

Public Reviews

Due to the restricted time to deliver marketing, restaurants may often depend on Facebook reviews or TripAdvisor comments to show their eatery in a positive light. This can be a very useful tool, as word of mouth marketing is an honest reflection from customers and this is of particular interest to potential customers.

That being said, these kinds of reviews can be unreliable and a negative criticism can be particularly exaggerated if the customer is annoyed. Therefore, it is a great risk to leave your reputation in the hands of the public and if you are stretched on time (as restaurants usually are), you need to find an alternative method.

VerriBerri’s Specialist Service

VerriBerri, as a marketing agency, know what it takes to enhance your restaurant’s presence, particularly online. Your marketing will be left in safe hands so you can focus on your business and what makes you special, whilst we continue to market your eatery to bring in more customers. Here are just a few things we can do for you:

  • Website design – Perhaps one of the most important, yet time consuming exercises of marketing your business is setting up and then managing a website. With it being such a crucial element of your business, leave it to professionals like VerriBerri to guarantee you results.
  • Social media – This is a less time-consuming marketing method but is nonetheless very effective. Our dedicated social media team can enhance your exposure across all channels, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • PR – Gaining recognition from reputable news outlets is difficult when you don’t have the journalist contacts. We have the contacts and the knowhow to ensure your restaurant receives credit and features from publications.

VerriBerri are fully aware of the pressures you face as a restaurant and it’s perfectly understandable if you cannot market your eatery due to time constraints. With this in mind, VerriBerri are always on hand to assist you if you are looking for greater market exposure.

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