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Sales Techniques to Watch Out For When Choosing a Marketing Agency

Looking to work with a marketing or SEO agency? Our Essex based team work with individuals and businesses across the globe and come across many sales techniques that you should watch out for.

We will do absolutely everything for you and you don’t need to have any input.

No. Just no. Many firms can do everything for you, we do ourselves, but to claim you would not need any input is, although very attractive to many business owners, just not feasible.  If you work with a SEO or marketing company you will need to pass information across and work alongside them to ensure that everything is running as it should. Not only do you need to know what is going on with your business at all times but they will do a better job with your input meaning results are much healthier.

We carry out the very best SEO and will use our secret strategies to enhance your website’s performance.

Step away from the charlatans! Many of these companies will be carrying out black hat techniques that can damage your website and cause long term issues for your business. A legitimate company should be able to outline how they aim to get results and detail their link building strategy for you.

This is just such a great deal and is only available this month!

Marketing is not a food that has an expiry date. Should you arrange to go back to the same company at a later date they will no doubt accommodate your budget. Do not feel pressured to make a decision straight away. No reputable company will push you into something you aren’t ready for.

We work with / partner with Google.

This is a barefaced lie. Google has no partnerships in the SEO world. Do not get sucked in.

We will promise to get you on the first page of Google.
Only Google has the power to choose who is on page one and it is always the best result that is most relevant to what the user typed in. No one can guarantee they will get you on page one, Google do not prioritise anyone on anything except quality. Companies can aim for page one but they cannot promise it, especially with many regular algorithm changes.

We will send you only high-quality leads.

How does the company you are talking to quantify a high quality lead? Make sure the parameters are outlined for you. Once you ask for this you will find that many companies back down in the promise.

Are you looking for help with quality SEO from our Essex team? Get in touch with us today for expert advice from our specialists.

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