Marketing Kids Brands effectively on social media

Social Media Campaigns to Boost Your Kids Clothing Brand

Believe it or not, a good social media presence can often be the difference between bringing on new customers and scaring them away. In fact, one mistake – like Virgin Train’s recent tweet – could ruin your entire brand’s reputation within seconds so you must be careful when it comes to posting.

If you’re not a social media guru, or don’t have the time to think up unique ideas, the team at VerriBerri PR and Marketing Essex have come up with some ideas so you can start improving your social media.

1. Invite industry experts to take over your social media platforms – Having industry experts take over your social media can be a great way to tap into their influence and by proxy the positive association you receive. For example, if you give a famous fashion/parent blogger access to your Instagram stories, their followers are likely to check out your brand. With an already positive impression of your clothing, the blogger’s followers will be likely to follow your brand and buy from you.

2. Collaborate with related experts for a social media event – If you’re hosting the launch of your brand new store, why not invite these industry experts to livestream the event from your own or their social media. This gives you audience the chance to hear and learn from their favourite bloggers about your clothing brand.

3. Share all of your important milestones – If you’re looking to build a community rather than just a customer base, it’s important you share personable and important milestones for your brand. Not only does it show gratitude to your customer’s for helping your brand succeed, but it shows your business is keen on celebrating the positive – and what’s not to like about that!

4. Start posting user-generated content – Again, if developing a community for your customers is a goal then user-generated content is the way forward. Whether it’s pictures of your clothing laid out or just pictures of your store, you can encourage your customers to post photos with a branded hashtag. You can also later, with permission, share this content on your own social media.

As one of the top marketing and PR companies for marketing kids brands, the team at VerriBerri demonstrate an excellent knowledge of tools and techniques that can be used to raise awareness of your brand.

For more information about our unique kids PR and marketing service, why not get in touch with the VerriBerri team on 01376 386850.

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