social media must be utilised by Italian restaurants

Social Media for Italian Restaurants

Social media presents itself as an interesting dilemma for places such as Italian restaurants. As mentioned yesterday, the majority of Italian eateries promote themselves as being classy establishments, however it could be argued that social media contradicts this sophisticated approach, as social platforms are usually more informal in nature.

Why Social Media is Essential

Though we can understand why some may take the above view, VerriBerri believe social media provides a great form of marketing, which can be handled in a highly sophisticated manner, if used correctly.

The important point to consider here is how can you best handle, or manage, social media? Well, given the fact that social channels provide an opportunity to create a ‘virtual store-front’ to showcase your Italian restaurant to the public, it is essential that your relationship with IT is proficient. Not just this, but being able to communicate well with the public is essential as it is likely you will be dealing with enquiries of all sorts if you own a restaurant.

Positives of each Social Channel

Of course you could go on and on, looking at methods to best utilise social media marketing, but if you want a strategy that guarantees results and enhances the exposure of your Italian restaurant then look no further than VerriBerri marketing agency Essex. Here are some considerations we take account for, for a few social media channels:

  • Instagram – This is a platform that highlights beauty and prestige and also provides the perfect platform to showcase images of your restaurant and the Italian cuisine you serve. It’s the perfect opportunity to entice people to your eatery.
  • Facebook – Who doesn’t have a Facebook page these days? You simply cannot go without one as a business. With it acting almost as a business page, it provides a more informative approach to the public and allows you to convey a professional style, perfect for the more cultured Italian restaurant.
  • Twitter – The more conversational platform of Twitter allows more room to be informal and chatty. Taking advantage of hashtags and topical events is important, but building your brand in the local community is the biggest pull of Twitter.

We could go on for days talking about the positives of social media channels and we haven’t even touched on YouTube, Pinterest or Snapchat. If you’d like to find out first-hand what we could do for your Italian eatery in the way of a social media strategy, then discuss it with our VerriBerri marketing agency in Essex.

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