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Social Media Marketing: Why You Shouldn’t Purchase Fake Instagram Followers?

Despite having over 500 million users, building a following on Instagram is like taking two steps forward and one back. Typically, you gain a significant number of followers after posting then they unfollow just a day later, taking you back to where you started.

While the team at VerriBerri PR & Marketing – Essex do not condone purchasing fake followers, it’s easy to understand why many brands and influencers choose this route when building their Instagram following.

A study by independent campaign measurement firm CampaignDeus found that 12% of UK influencers have bought fake followers in the first six months of 2018. The findings were based on an analysis of nearly 700,000 posts, identifying ‘bot-buyers’ by the low engagement rates and inexplicable jumps in follower count.

So why are influencers purchasing fake followers? With the number of high-profile brands looking to recruit influencers for brand partnerships, Instagram users are purchasing followers for as little as a couple of hundred pounds to look ‘relevant and successful’.

However, the poor engagement rate can provide an insight into the influencers activity – telling brands whether or not they have purchased fake followers. Therefore, as an influencer, it’s important to build an organic following if you want to appear as genuine. The same also goes for business who want to appear authentic on social media.

After speaking to VerriBerri’s team of social media marketing experts, they understand that brands and bloggers alike want a high following on social media platforms like Instagram. However, they believe it’s important to build this following naturally with successful social media marketing strategies. Take a look at the tips from our marketing team in Essex:

1. Choose a style and theme

By designing a style and theme for your Instagram account, you set the tone, overall mood and feel of your account. That’s why it’s important to think about how you want your overall Instagram feed to look; dark, colourful, natural, minimalist, vintage. This will determine the types of photos/videos you will share and decide on a colour palette.

We recommend choosing three to five colours and stick to them – this will be your colour palette for Instagram. From here, you can start developing your unique style by using the same filter over and over again and make your feed look cohesive.

2. Using hashtags

Now, with your feed looking great, it’s time to help people find it. This is where you will need to use hashtags – which helps Instagram group your content into chosen categories. At VerriBerri PR & Marketing – Essex, we recommend using a mixture of hashtags: descriptive, category, expertise, brands, community and location, as these will push your posts out to the maximum amount of people.

3. Try videos, live videos and stories

While Instagram started as a photo-sharing network, it has grown beyond posting photos now. With features like videos, live videos and Instagram Stories, brands can now create many types of different content for their fans to engage with as well as grow their following.
These features allow your followers to get a behind-the-scenes look at how you run your business and how down to earth you are. When it comes to posting as a business, we find posting personal tips and tricks work best – especially when you can tie them into your business in some way.

To find out more about how our social media marketing team can grow your Instagram following, get in touch with us on 01376 386850.

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