Spotlight on Caitlin, Designer

We pride ourselves on being a personable company that care about you and your business. As such, we felt it would be a great move to have a regular chat with each member of our team to find out more about them in and out of work. This week we talk to Caitlin.

Caitlin, tell us about your role here in our marketing and PR offices. graphic design Essex

I work with our clients creating various print and online digital content, which can range from creating visual social media posts such as infographics to brochures and from video editing to logo creation. During the week I also run a helpdesk creating marketing materials for once of our client’s customers and answering any questions they may have. I enjoy working alongside Amy and Emily, who create copy for clients who require print materials, while I create the design elements. 

What do you think you offer the clients we work with?

I would like to think that I work quickly and efficiently alongside the rest of the team. I offer innovative ideas to our clients week on week when designing both online and print materials, ensuring that they are as effective as engaging with thier target audience as possible.

Your biggest achievement so far.

I think that my biggest achievement is earning employee of the quarter late last year. I am also building up an impressive portfolio of logos, brochures, flyers and other materials which I’m very proud of.

What you love about working here?

I love traveling to meet our clients face to face and getting a real feel of the brand they represent, so this can be shown throughout any materials that I create. Working at Verriberri not only means I get to spend my day with a team of talented and lovely individuals, but also those who care about their work and aren’t afraid to laugh. 

Who would your ideal client be?

My ideal client would be either a be for an individual who works in blogging or is an Internet personality. I think I’d also like to work for a company that redecorates buildings or offices that would require photos being taken of the site as I am very passionate about my photography. 

We hope you have enjoyed learning about Caitlin. If you are an individual looking for PR or marketing representation please get in touch and we would love to help you move forward.

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