Spotlight on Hannah

Hannah, tell us about your role here in our marketing and PR offices.

My job here at VerriBerri is identified as a Marketing Assistant. Within this particular role, I undertake a variety of tasks, these consist of various SEO tasks; creating and sending out our VerriBerri newsletters; producing blogs; internal and external social media posts; lead generation and client social media analysis. My role essentially focuses on increasing our clients success through reviewing results and implementing changes to continually improve.

What do you think you offer the clients we work with?

I’d like to believe that every task I carry out is beneficial to our clients in some way. Primarily, the key benefit that I can provide our clients with is SEO. SEO is key because if you don’t rank highly enough on search engines, this results in limited opportunities to gain prospective customers. Therefore, by creating well written content and carrying out associated SEO tasks, this enables me to provide our clients with increased visibility that they will not have benefitted from beforehand.

Your biggest achievement so far.

In the time that I have been working here at VerriBerri my biggest achievement would probably revolve around my involvement with our new large-scale client. I was put in charge of creating a social media content plan for their social channels, which then resulted in very positive feedback from the client and so is a great achievement of mine. Alongside this, the interest I have gained from prospective customers via our various email newsletters have also been very rewarding.

What do you love about working here?

I love working on clients’ SEO, as I like to see the positive effect that my work has had on their business’ success compared to when they first came on board with us, as well as the fact that I believe SEO is my niche. I also love working alongside the team here at VerriBerri; working amongst such a positive team makes for a great place to work!

Who would your ideal client be?

My ideal client would most likely be those in the fashion industry… every girl loves a bit of retail therapy! So working with this type of client would be great fun! As well as this, working with a client who is slightly unconventional would be great in the fact of getting to learn about a different type of business, providing us with a new and exciting challenge!

We hope you have enjoyed learning about Hannah, who is Marketing Assistant of our team. If you consider yourself as a slightly unconventional business, own a fashion related business or are an individual looking for PR or marketing representation please get in touch and we would love to help you move forward.

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