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Spotlight on Sarah, Managing Director

We pride ourselves on being a personable company that care about you and your business. As such, we felt it would be a great move to have a regular chat with each member of our team to find out more about them in and out of work.

Sarah tell us about your role here in our marketing and PR offices. 

I tend to work on the business development angle of the business, I bring in new clients, manage their accounts and deal with the day to day trials and tribulations of running a company, from recruitment to finance.

What do you think you offer the clients we work with?

I think that my wealth of experience in the marketing and PR industry along with my nine years of running VerriBerri gives our clients the benefit of having ‘been there done that’ for many different angles of the industry. This allows me to advise clients knowledgable and with confidence. The years I have spent working in PR and marketing has also culminated in a little black book that is full of media and industry contacts that our clients always benefit from.

Your biggest achievement so far.

In December 2017 we were chosen by the House of Commons to represent the media industry in the 2018 Parliamentary Review. Within a month of this we found out we had also been nominated at the best family business in the UK. Both of these accolades show that the hard work and dedication that the team put in on a daily basis have paid off.

What you love about working here?

I love working with such an inspirational team. On both a personal and professional level we all support each other, laugh together and have become more like a family than colleagues. This in turn reflects on the quality of work our clients receive. A recent study showed that happy employees are 12% more productive. I firmly believe that when you enjoy your job you naturally throw your heart and soul into the task at hand which naturally results in great work and very happy clients.

Who would your ideal client be?

My ideal client would be a sector of people who are underrepresented that we could help. This could be anything from the LGBT community all the way to rest bite facilities. As a mother of a disabled child I am very passionate about helping raise the profile of people who can be overlooked and ensuring that in every situation, every single person is treated with the upmost respect and of course, equally, regardless of gender, race, age, religion or ability.

I would also be interested in working with clients either in fashion or beauty. I know it is cliched but as I know the team love a strong brow and appreciate a good cut and colour I think it is something we would do very well and enjoy in the process.

We hope you have enjoyed learning about Sarah, who is Managing Director of our team. If you are a bakery, own a fashion related business or are individual looking for PR or marketing representation please get in touch and we would love to help you move forward.


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