Pinterest social media marketing

Pinterest: Social Media Outsider or Marketing Gem?

July 17, 2018

When we think of social media platforms, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are the ones that spring to mind. But ...

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VerriBerri PR & Marketing – Essex Launches ‘SHE’ Campaign

July 15, 2018

Today sees the launch of VerriBerri’s ‘SHE’ campaign which strives to support and encourage gender equality in the workplace. ...

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"Wedding ready" hotels - hospitality marketing

Making Your Hotel “Wedding Ready” This Summer With Our Hospitality Marketing Team in Essex

July 11, 2018

With the UK’s wedding market worth a staggering £10 billion a year, it is no surprise that a large ...

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Social media marketing effects on business

5 Ways Social Media Can Destroy Your Business’ Reputation

July 9, 2018

When it’s not left in the right hands, social media can actually ruin your business’ reputation - and it ...

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Social media marketing Essex Instagram algorithm tips

Should You Put Instagram Hashtags in the Caption or Comments?

June 27, 2018

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few weeks, you would have seen that Instagram ...

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Popular hashtag social media marketing

How to Identify Popular Hashtags on Social Media

June 22, 2018

We have all seen the ever-present # sign on plenty of social media posts, but do you really know ...

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Marketing and PR strategy for the hospitality industry

5 Tactics You Need to Include in Your Hospitality Marketing Plan

June 17, 2018

Are you a small B&B in the English countryside looking to get your name out there? Or perhaps you’re ...

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Social Media Marketing Ideas for Hospitality Brands

Social Media Marketing Ideas for Hospitality Brands

June 9, 2018

When raising awareness of your cafe or restaurant, it can be hard to make your brand stand out - ...

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Lush UK's #SpyCops campaign

What We Can Learn From The Lush #SpyCops Campaign

June 4, 2018

On 1st June, Lush Cosmetics UK launched the #SpyCops campaign, discussing the role of undercover police who have been ...

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Four Strategies for Social Media Marketing Growth in 2018

VerriBerri – Four Strategies for Social Media Growth in 2018

May 16, 2018

Social media is one of the most effective ways to grow a business online. However, it can be a ...

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