Marketing material should always be new and not copied

Keep It Original

November 17, 2017

Mass media marketing is something that all major businesses undertake. Be it radio or TV promotion, this method of ...

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YouTube marketing is an effective tool, as evidenced by Manchester City

Multimedia Marketing through YouTube

November 13, 2017

Since its inception, YouTube has been an ever-growing platform for sharing videos. Often visited as a site for a ...

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boutiques in Essex are popular

Essex Boutiques

November 1, 2017

Boutiques are continuously growing throughout the UK as shoppers are tending to visit more niche fashion shops rather than ...

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blogging for boutiques is necessary to enhance exposure.

Boutique Blogging

October 31, 2017

Building a rapport with customers and telling them a ‘story’ surrounding your brand is important to draw them into ...

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social media is useful for boutiques

Social Media for Boutiques

October 30, 2017

Social media is perhaps the primary marketing tool that firms now adopt in the 21st century. With its inexpensive ...

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marketing is necessary for boutiques

Marketing for your Boutique

October 27, 2017

Yesterday we wrote a blog about how PR is the perfect method to enhance your boutique’s profile by targeting ...

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marketing is essential for caterers.

How Marketing can Benefit your Catering Business

October 12, 2017

Yesterday we mentioned how VerriBerri are the perfect agency to work alongside your catering business, because we work in ...

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Dove is a good example to show why planning for marketing is essential.

Backlashes through Careless Marketing

October 9, 2017

When it comes to marketing, the important point is to convey a message that sticks in the consumer’s mind ...

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Prepare your wedding venue for winter

Wedding Venues – Preparing for winter

October 6, 2017

It is no argument that weddings are far more popular in the UK when the sun is shining and ...

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you must market your business with your competition in mind.

Using Competition to your Advantage

October 6, 2017

Every business faces competition. It is a natural occurrence from selling products or a service that inevitably will also ...

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