Fyre Festival influencer marketing - picture of crowd

Fyre Festival & The Lessons of Influencer Marketing

February 4, 2019

If you’re an avid Netflix fan or have simply logged onto the internet in the past few days, then ...

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Gilette me too campaign

Gillette – The Best A Man Can Be

January 21, 2019

If you haven’t seen it yet, where have you been? Gillette the industry leaders in shaving products have released ...

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Advertorial Vs Editorial: Understanding the Real Differences

December 7, 2018

One of the many tasks PR agencies in Essex have is managing the expectations of their clients, which can ...

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Sports club PR agency

PR Agency for Sports Clubs

October 7, 2018

Most sports clubs have public relations agencies representing them, here at VerriBerri we work with golf clubs to football ...

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Bad review crisis management

My Business Has a Bad Review!

October 3, 2018

Most people contact our crisis management team once a disaster has struck. Be it a bad review on Google, ...

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VerriBerri Marketing and PR Essex: how to broaden your target audience

VerriBerri Marketing and PR Essex: how to broaden your target audience

May 17, 2018

Last week we gave you some tips for attracting more customers, but as businesses start to expand, so can ...

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Essex PR for spas

PR for your Spa

January 5, 2018

For spas, one of their main selling points is that they provide a space that allows their customers to ...

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Essex PR is essential for leisure centres

PR For Your Leisure Centre

January 2, 2018

Only recently we spoke about how marketing is key for your leisure centre’s exposure. However, for even greater awareness ...

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PR is essential for restaurants

Proficient PR for your Restaurant

November 23, 2017

Just recently, we spoke about the importance of marketing for your restaurant. Whilst marketing is hugely effective for your ...

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PR & Marketing for Fashion Brands

April 10, 2017

Marketing can be so diverse and varied depending on the product or service that you wish to promote. There ...

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