Within a single month our social media has rocketed organically, several publications are already live, with a large handful more in the pipeline. Most important to us our brand awareness and interest has tripled!Choosing to work with the team has undoubtedly been the catalyst that’s taking our brand to the next level. Achieving in a month what we would achieve independently in 6.

The VerriBerri marketing team has consistently delivered a fresh and energetic approach to our integrated marketing and PR requirements. They have carried out extensive research into our industry and provided exceptional levels of service with numerous pieces of coverage from regional and trade press around our projects. The team are knowledgeable, creative and understand what we want to achieve from our ongoing marketing strategy.
Luscious Touch

Great people. They have lots of ideas outside the box which are essential for our business. We have regular monthly review meetings and it is always reassuring to see that the VB team have prepared other ideas and plans. This is not just a ‘Yes’ marketing team, this is an ‘Action’ team. Keep up the great work.

We have been using the team since launch and I can confidently say that without them it wouldn’t have worked, as it is I think I can retire soon!

Verri Berri are quite simply the most professional, and bespoke marketing team I’ve ever come across. Their fantastic team dynamic clearly aids the high end results they produce on a regular basis. From the initial phase of them understanding your business, strategical planning, right the way through to the end product, they are there to assist on both a business, and personal level. I couldn’t recommend them any higher!

A great team, nothing is too much trouble. Professional and attentive at every opportunity.

Since instructing the incredible team at VerriBerri to take charge of my social media and PR things have really taken off. My presence is incredible and enquiries are coming through thick and fast. the team have been posting away raising awareness of my business in ways I would have never even dreamed of. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend the trained and overly wonderful team here.


I am writing this email to thank you for the services you are currently providing to us at ESS Universal Ltd, it was always our plan to use a marketing EPSON MFP imagecompany to promote our two year old business but I never could have imagined that the work carried out by your company could have had such a fantastic result! We are so confident that the marketing is working (much earlier than expected) that on Friday we cancelled all Google AdWords campaigns. Of course Google AdWords has been our lifeline over the two years and yet today is Thursday, 7 days post cancelling the ads and still we are at the top of the search engine rankings. Please continue your clever way of achieving this as we intend to continue to use your services on a permanent monthly basis; Why? Because we have just compiled a marketing to job booking ratio, it pays to stay with your company!

Sarah has recently taken on some of our marketing workload, and although it is early days, she and her team have brought fresh impertous and ideas to our marketing activities as well as consistently undertaking the everday marketing chores that before, we were putting off or only doing from time to time. It’s like having our very own marketing department (without the holiday and sick pay!). Keep up the great work Sarah

I was in need of some help with marketing my business and I was recommended VerriBerri by a company who have used them for a long time and said they found them invaluable towards
their business plan. I wanted to free up some time to get on with my business needs and not have to worry about the marketing side of things. I have found the team very professional, reliable and great at what they do. I have recommended 3 other colleagues to seek their excellent service. I have been using Sarah and the team now for 3 months and I couldn’t be happier with the results. We have already increased the budget twice as we wanted her involved with more of the business. We would not be in such a great position right now if it wasn’t for her. She always goes out of her way to make sure the service she provides will not only bring in amazing results but also be budget efficient.

I am really pleased with Sarah and her team, when it comes to marketing I can say they know exactly what they are doing.

Sarah and the team came in with plenty of promises, we were a bit hesitant because lots of people promise and never deliver but we thought we would give it a go, what can I say. The results were instant! One minute I had nothing and the next there what I can only describe as an extreme amount of enquires, the majority of which converted into sales! Leaflet for safe

Running a fitness studio is demanding and trying to teach, do paperwork and move your business forward is tough when it is you on your own. I got in touch with Sarah because I knew I needed help. I didn’t know what it would be like to have help but knew that it would be difficult to have an office
based person due to the nature of my business. Sarah is very attentive to detail and made sure from the start that she gets on the same wave length as you and your business. It is over a year now that Sarah has been helping my business grow and I look forward to our continued working relationship as she continues to help me move my business forward. Sarah genuinely wants to see your business expand and is always looking at ways to raise your profile.
Great people. They have lots of ideas outside the box which are essential for our business. We have regular monthly review meetings and it is always reassuring to see that the VB team have prepared other ideas and plans. This is not just a ‘Yes’ marketing team, this is an ‘Action’ team. Keep up the great work.

I have known Sarah many years, and have just recently started using VerriBerri to take care of my marketing for me. They are professional and it is far more cost effective than I thought it would be. It really does pay for itself, and they think of so many ideas for me. Thank-you VerriBerri for being a pleasure to work with.

I am going into my second month with VerriBerri and I love what has happened to my brand and image. They listen, take notes, and bring ideas to better your brand.

Working alongside Sarah, Shannan, and Maddie was a wonderful experience! All of these talented women work endless to provide the very best for their clients. Having had the pleasure of meeting and spending a few days with the team, they really showed me how much they love what they do and how much they care for the people they are working with. Providing me with countless opportunities to promote my name and brand, they really go above and beyond to help grow your success! These lovely ladies are really looking out for you! A huge thank you to such an amazing group of women for all your hard work!

Being my first time working with a PR team, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I first met the team. I quickly realized I was working with an outstanding group of men and women that really wanted what was best for my brand. Extremely light hearted and positive, they immediately made me feel at ease. Providing me with new connections and branding opportunities that have been vital in expanding my business. I appreciate the passion they have for what they do, and I look forward to expanding with them into the future. Thank you for your hard work.Branding creative design agency in Essex

Working like a well dressed, well oiled machine, these women have accelerated not only my career, but my appreciation for them as a unit. Working with them feels like you’re working with your best friends instantly. So warm, inviting and completely judgment free that it feels as though you have known them your whole lives within hours of meeting. You will be cared for as though you are one of there own and catered to as though you are already the celebrity they are bound to make you into. I consider myself lucky to have had the pleasure for working with Sarah and her staff and look forward to the years to come! Thank you ladies for everything you do, and I’ll see you all soon!

The entire VerriBerri team is a delight to work with! They are so on the ball at all times and keep everyone involved and entertained. Nothing is too much effort and they are truly nice people.