Benefits of using a creative agency in Essex

The benefits of using a creative agency in Essex for your marketing and PR

When choosing a marketing and PR agency, there are a number of factors that businesses consider. They should have a clear strategy, the ability to show you results and have an efficient team.

These are all essential, however, what’s also important is to find a creative agency. This is what helps businesses to stand out from the crowd and our creativity is something that we are proud of here at VerriBerri, Essex marketing and PR agency. Even hugely successful brands are recognising the need for innovation and creativity to remain relevant, with Virgin announcing they will be hiring four new creative based roles in order to keep its identity interesting.

Here’s how our creativity can help your business flourish:

Web design in Essex:

Our design team work on branding, logos and web design to ensure that your business has the right look and appeals to your target audience. We work with your ideas to make them the best they can be and keep your image engaging and recognisable on social media.

Content marketing:

This is becoming increasingly important and in order to maintain interest, your content has to be creative and useful. We write blogs that appeal to target audiences and get articles published that show businesses in their best light, thinking about how we can use your industry knowledge to create newsworthy stories.

Social media marketing:

This doesn’t just mean posting on Twitter and Facebook regularly. It’s about making your social media as engaging and attractive as possible to build your brand. We reach your target audience via social media marketing by finding out what appeals to them. If you’ve held an event or have some important news, we’ll make sure people know about it. We work as a whole team, which means we bring a variety of perspectives and think about how to market your business from different angles.

To find out how VerriBerri, Essex marketing and PR agency can help your business, call us today on 01376 386850.


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