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The Future of Advertising

Product placement and advertiser funded programming has been prevalent for a significant period now, but could we find that there is a turn in the tide towards advertiser funded scripting behind popular TV shows?

In January, we saw a revolutionary endeavour to balance advertising and dialogue in an episode of Black-ish, the script of which was funded by Proctor and Gamble. In the episode, we see the African American characters discussing P&G’s campaign ‘The Talk’ which was based on racism towards black children and went on to win awards.

The short film sparked debate when it aired in mid 2017 and its use in Black-ish is symbolic of how marketing teams are fully embracing trends in a real effort to align their campaigns with what their target audience want due to the increasing resistance to traditional advertising.

Naturally, with the explosion of on-demand television such as Sky Go, Amazon, and Netflix, audiences are watching less adverts which has forces advertisers to look beyond the traditional thirty second ad break. Proctor and Gamble’s concept is ground breaking and we suspect this is the future of advertising.

So how can your brand ensure it changes with the times and stays firmly in the spotlight of its target audience?

  1. Know your audience. If you understand who your target audience really is then you will be in a strong position to firmly target all your marketing material towards them using the platforms they use the most and consequently respond well towards.
  2. Get creative. Make full use of your team in order to create engaging content that stands out from the competition. Try and think outside of the box and if need be, bring a marketing team in on a project basis so they can do the hard work for you.
  3. Use Tech. Use technology to its full potential. If you can think of a way of utilising modern advancements or media then dare to be different!


We hope this has been an informative blog. If you need help with standing out from the crowd, contact our multi award-winning PR and marketing agency today for more information.






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