The Importance of Blogging

Our Essex marketing blog has recently won us the title of being one of the top twenty UK PR agencies and 94th overall in the world. With this in mind, what better time to talk to you about the importance of blogging than now.

Over the last decade blogging has become one of the most sought after industries all over the world. It has become a must have tool for any business or marketing strategy, Why? You may ask. Well here are some of the reasons we think that blogging could help you.

Improve your SEO Having a blog can dramatically increase your website’s position on search engines and your brand awareness as a company. By using specific keywords that apply to your industry you can help your business start to rank in search engines such as Google. In turn your business will naturally become more visible online which will make you easier to find when people are looking for the services or goods that you offer. By regularly posting useful content using the correct format and including the previously sourced keywords in the relevant places you will soon be able to top your competitors in the search engine results page.

Personal touch – By using a blog as part of your marketing strategy you can introduce a more personable side to your business. A blog can be slightly more humorous or personal, which can help your brand image and help you to become more relatable as a business. It’s the ideal way to develop better relationships with your customers or potential clients.

Sales platform – Not only can a blog be great for the work that goes on behind the scenes, it can also be the perfect sales platform for your business. It can be a free method of promoting your services or any new products you may have to offer. This is your business blog so use it to your advantage and boast about your incredible company.

If you’re not very good with words or simply don’t have the time to keep up your own blog, then get in touch today. At VerriBerri, our Essex marketing agency’s copywriters take great pride in our blog and that of every client that we look after. We can work alongside you and help grow your business, so get in touch today.

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