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The Importance of Brand Recognition to a Consumer

You may be sitting on the best idea or product that you have ever seen, but without the brand recognition you will never have full success. Why is brand recognition important? And why does the consumer respond well if they have heard of you before?

VerriBerri, Essex PR and marketing agency, believe we have the answers for you.

Confidence – With a good level of brand recognition, consumers will be able to trust your brand, which is vital for both success and repeat custom. Building a relationship with potential customers will secure both sales and good feedback.

If no one knows who you are, you’re going to find it harder to sell yourself. This is even more so with a product that is slightly different or a completely new idea. The general public like to know that a product is worth the money and with the rise of social media and word of mouth from networking sites, people tend to trust their fellow friend’s opinion even more so than they would a professional.

Trend setters – We all know that feeling of wanting a product because someone else has got it. After all the entire blogging and influencer community revolves exactly round this… and let’s be honest its very successful.

If you know someone or look up to a certain idol, who has certain items, you will naturally want them too. This is called mimetic desire, the need to have things that other people own to feel accepted or on trend. If you have consumers already using your product and talking about it, you can ensure the sales will fly in. It’s important to be the trendsetter.

How do I build brand recognition?

Now you know the importance of brand recognition the question is how do you build it? This is where our Essex marketing team come in. Marketing is key to business growth and raising brand awareness.

Here at VerriBerri we can handle all of your marketing needs, from the process of building a strategy and marketing plan, to implementing the campaigns. For further information, get in touch today!

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