tripadvisor and deliveroo merging for holiday restaurants

TripAdvisor’s ‘One Stop Shop’ Service

Yesterday news broke that travel website TripAdvisor is teaming up with UK food delivery service Deliveroo. This is an interesting development that sees Deliveroo incorporated into TripAdvisor restaurant listings across twelve countries and consumers can now ‘order online’ through the travel website. There are clear benefits here not just for Deliveroo and TripAdvisor, but also for the restaurants in the cities, facing increased exposure.

This presents a perfect example of businesses working together to increase each company’s potential, however it is without doubt that TripAdvisor have come out on top. The reason being is that they can now serve as the ‘one stop shop’ for diners around the world, as well as providing its already well-established travel information. Not to mention that consumers now face a much easier task when looking online for food, enhancing customers’ relationships with TripAdvisor.

VerriBerri’s Marketing ‘One Stop Shop’

Similarly, VerriBerri can be considered a ‘one stop shop’ for all your marketing and PR needs that guarantees your online presence reaches new heights. From SEO to online reputation management, we have a wealth of experience for all things marketing, which also includes the following areas:

  • Social media (incorporating Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)
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  • Email marketing
  • Website design – a crucial element as it is often the first thing potential customers will view concerning your company.

VerriBerri’s PR ‘One Stop Shop’

We are not just marketing based though. Our ‘one stop shop’ also includes an array of PR related services. Online PR is naturally the most all-encompassing aspect, where our contacts within the journalism industry can promote your firm in the mainstream media. More specifically, our Kids PR team can assist you by not only protecting your children’s brand but also boosting its awareness further. Finally if you are looking for PR to serve your individual needs, our personal PR service will act as your personal press office, which promises to heighten your exposure in popular publications such as the BBC or The Independent.

TripAdvisor’s merge with Deliveroo signals a time where the travel website is slowly becoming an ‘all in one’ service for travel needs. As mentioned VerriBerri and our specialised team have much experience in all areas of Marketing and PR, and although we are in different industries to TripAdvisor, we would also consider ourselves a ‘one stop shop’, which provides a complete service to our clients.




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